Our History

Mario Valenzuela, born in 1936 in Torreon, Coahuila Mexico, learned the ins and outs of the restaurant business while working at his aunt's restaurant during his teenage years. This experience would later inspire him to establish his own restaurant in Orange County, California, which has been serving the community for over 50 years.

In pursuit of the American Dream, Mario and his wife Consuelo left Mexico and settled in Santa Ana. They worked tirelessly in various establishments, including factories, coffee shops, restaurants, and even a bowling alley. In the 1960s, Mario became the head cook at La Paz Restaurant in Fullerton, and later the chef at Senor Rubens Restaurant in Fountain Valley.

In 1969, Mario and Consuelo invested everything they had into purchasing a modest hamburger stand in Huntington Beach, which became the foundation of their first restaurant, "Mario's Mexican Food and Cantina." With Consuelo's support, the restaurant not only gained a reputation but thrived. Their children, Johnny, Maria, and Diana, also joined the family business. In 1973, the family expanded with a second location at 5 Points Plaza, which became their most successful restaurant.

Mario passed the torch to his daughter, Diana Valenzuela, who became the owner and ran the restaurant for 30 years. Throughout this time, the restaurant remained a close-knit family business, with four generations of the Valenzuela family contributing to its success. Unfortunately, Mario Valenzuela passed away in 2015, and in 2021, they also lost Diana, their leader and matriarch.

Consuelo came out of retirement to keep the business running and serving Orange County, honoring the legacy established by the Mario's family since 1969.Rooted in Mario's dream of providing a better life for his family and a commitment to serving the community, Mario's Restaurant continues to be a beloved staple in Huntington Beach. We proudly uphold the family tradition of bringing people together through delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.Join our Familia at Mario's Mexican Food and Cantina here at Five Points Plaza, where you can feel at home and savor our authentic Mexican recipes.


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Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Mexico with our extensive menu of authentic Mexican dishes. From classic tacos and enchiladas to sizzling fajitas and our savory ceviche, our restaurant offers a diverse range of Mexican food made with our time-honored recipes.


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Enjoy the flavors of Mario's Mexican Food from the comfort of your home with our online ordering services. Browse our menu, place an order through the phone, and pick up to have your favorite Mexican dishes!

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Laney E -
"Everyone I've Brought Here has loved it!"
Chris D -
"Enjoy the best appetizer in all of Huntington Beach"
Ulli H -
"Great Mexican Place! Happy customer here, will be back"

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